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Keith 'Stone' Greaves

Keith ‘Stone’ Greaves, a native of Montserrat (the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean), started his broadcasting and journalistic career in 1978/79 with the now defunct Caribbean broadcasting giant Radio Antilles (200,000 watt AM facility) on Montserrat. He has worked in media all his adult life. Keith held several top positions including General Manager and News Director at Radio Antilles in the mid -1990s until the Soufriere Hills volcano forced the closure of the station. He also served as a Senior Producer/Presenter with the BBC Caribbean Service in London and presently serves as Programme Manager (Radio Anguilla) Department of Information and Broadcasting.

Keith is the recipient of several media awards including the prestigious Best Presenter Award from the Caribbean Publishing and Broadcasting Association (CPBA)/Caribbean Broadcasting Union (CBU). Has also written extensively for the Associated Press (AP), the Caribbean News Agency (CANA –now the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) and the Spanish News Agency (EFE). Previously served as news correspondent for the BBC, Voice of America (VOA) and many Caribbean radio stations. Firm supporter of Caribbean Integration. He will proudly tell you he is a “Caribbean Man and a World Citizen” who just happened to have been born on “ALLIOUGANA” (Tainos name for Montserrat) ‘land of the prickly bush’.