Radio Anguilla 95.5 FM

Daily Programmes

Radio Anguilla’s Newscast

Monday to Saturday 7:05am and 7:05pm

Radio Anguilla’s Newscast is a comprehensive report on the happenings in Anguilla, throughout the Caribbean Region and in the wider world. It is aired at 7:05am Monday to Saturday and 7:05pm Monday to Friday. The newscast is divided into five segments – Local, Regional, International, Sports and Weather.

Commercial Spots

Monday to Friday 7:55am and 7:55pm

Immediately following our Newscast, Commercial Spots features the latest in advertising promotions for businesses and organizations, as well as gives employment seekers information about available jobs on Anguilla.

Word for Today

Monday to Saturday - 6:05am and 12:15pm (Sunday 12:15 pm)

A two-minute snippet of spiritual food from God’s Holy Word, the Bible, is provided to listeners courtesy of the United Christian Broadcasters from the United Kingdom.

Positive Living - by Mrs. Marilyn Hodge

Monday to Friday at 8.15 am, 12.15pm and 4.15 pm

Produced by Teacher/Counsellor Marilyn Hodge – Positive Living provides a potpourri of inspirational thoughts geared towards physical, mental, social and spiritual enlightenment. The programme utilizes the talent available in the community to present on a range of topics including how to manage your finances, coping with illnesses, friendships, tolerance, peer pressure and general conduct.

Community Bulletin Board

Monday to Friday 10:30am and 5:30 pm

As the sole public broadcaster on the island, the station airs community notices from non-profit groups including schools, churches, service clubs and individuals provided the information has some relevance for the wider community. We ask that these messages are kept short and bear the signature of an official representative; with contact information i.e. telephone, email and or WhatsApp. There is no charge for this service.

Caribbean Connections

Monday - Friday 2pm- 4pm

Radio personality Karema Gumbs helps to add some colour into your life with her energetic vibes and mixes of Caribbean music with information on Caribbean artistes , tips on how you can fulfill your goals and Birthday shout outs.

Drive Time

Monday - Thursday 4:05pm- 5:30pm

Drive time is where Karema Gumbs brings it all home with her programming by providing the hottest musical selections from different genres such as of R and B , Hip-hop and 80’s Music just to name a few, while giving you information on world events.