Radio Anguilla 95.5 FM


At Radio Anguilla we offer a range of professional services to the public at the best rates you can find.

Voice Overs

Blessed with an excellent blend of high quality vocal talent, we can handle all your ‘voice over’ needs. Let us record whatever audio you need!

Commercial Production

Our sound effects library and studio is equipped to provide the type of advert that not only makes the customer stop and listen but spend money at your business place. We cater to big and small businesses and organizations, offering high quality and professional service to ALL. Our rates are NOMINAL and your MESSAGE gets OUT. 

Public Service Announcements (PSA’s)

Do you have an important message you want to get over to the public but don’t know how? Well, leave it to the pros. We can take care of all your PSA’s. Tell us what you need the public to know and leave the rest to us. Your public service announcement can also be featured in our Community Bulletin Board announcements.

Studio Recordings

For a small fee, you can book our production studio to record and produce radio/television adverts, pre-record programmes, copy syndicated broadcast material, death announcements et al.

Job Vacancy Announcements

Upon approval by the Labour Department, job vacancies forms can be brought to Radio Anguilla to be aired for the stipulated two-week period. Job vacancies are announced following our morning and evening newscasts each weekday.

Death Announcements

Obituaries are aired on Radio Anguilla each morning and evening following our Newscast and can also be aired at midday. Family members/representatives can be assured of an announcement produced just as they would like using a voice and music of their choice.