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On April 9, 1969, Radio Anguilla began broadcasting from the Agricultural building in the Valley for the British occupation on the island who had donated the equipment. However, the need to communicate with Anguillians eventually led to a gradual shift in the focus of Radio Anguilla which was able to refute misinformation and to begin a well-needed service to the island. Over a period of time, the station emerged as a community radio station – seeking to inform, educate and entertain the people of the island.

The advent of more radio stations on Anguilla has driven the station to become more creative in its revenue generating measures. One way of doing this was by the introduction of sponsored programming. The introduction of specialized programming, such as “Tourism Is Key”, “Country Time”, “Sports Menu”, “The Reggae Show”, “What’s On Today” and “IRD For You” has created variety within our programming.

Talk shows like “Social Solutions”, “Talking Chronic Diseases” and “Anguilla Speaks” as well as a comprehensive news package ensure that the listening public is kept abreast of what takes place on the island, in the region and throughout the world. As the Governments Department of Information and Broadcasting, there are a number of events that Radio Anguilla is obligated to broadcast. Examples of these are House of Assembly meetings, State Occasions, Parades and other live events. To this day, Radio Anguilla has continued to provide Information, Education and Entertainment to the people of Anguilla and beyond.

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