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Tomasha Connor (Clerical Officer)

Tomasha has been employed at Radio Anguilla since April 2006, and currently holds the position of Clerical Officer. She describes herself as an intelligent and ambitious young woman. When not on the job, she enjoys meeting people, reading, spending quality time with family, friends, and loved ones, as well as traveling and listening to music.

Karema Gumbs (Announcer)

Karema Gumbs also known as DJ Karma was born and raised in Anguilla. She attended the Albena Lake-Hodge Comprehensive School from 2000 to 2005. She was employed at Radio Anguilla in November 2006 and currently holds the position of Announcer. She enjoys meeting new people, music (rapping), traveling and modeling. Her goal is to continue to be happy in life.

Felicia Hennis (Information Officer)

Felicia Hennis began working at Radio Anguilla in February 2001 as Information Assistant. Felicia left the civil service in 2004 to pursue her bachelors degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on communication. Ms. Hennis returned to the service in 2007 after completing her studies and now holds the post of Information Officer. Her favourite type of music is Calypso and she enjoys reading, dancing and traveling.

Farrah Banks (Director)

Farrah has been working at Radio Anguilla since her High School Graduation in 1994. She has held the posts of Announcer, Acting Information Officer and Programme Manager within the Department and is currently the stations Director. Farrah attained a Diploma in Mass Communication from the University of the West Indies (Mona, Jamaica) and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communications from Ithaca College (New York). Farrah loves playing sports, She also enjoys music, acting and spending time with her relatives.

Countess “Lisa” Rey (Sales and Marketing Officer)

Countess Rey, aka “DJ Precious”, had her first taste of Radio Anguilla as an Announcer in 1998, in conjunction with the Albena Lake-Hodge Comprehensive School summer placement program. She was employed as a temporary Announcer in October 2001 and was later promoted to the post of Sales and Marketing Officer. Ms. Rey graduated with a bachelors in Marketing in August, 2009.

Lester Richardson (Technician)

Lester is Radio Anguilla’s Technician, and is the second person to hold this post. He enjoys his job and has been employed at the station since December 1992.

Joseph Ivor Hodge (Chief Information Officer)

Ivor began working with Radio Anguilla on November 1st 1999 as Acting News Editor. In 2002 the post was renamed Chief Information Officer and Ivor presently holds that post. Prior to working at Radio Anguilla, he worked with the Department of Social Development as Youth Officer from April 1992 until October 1999. Ivor began his Public Service career in 1980 as a teacher. His hobbies include fishing, reading, cooking and photography. His favourite sports are cricket, table tennis and volleyball. Ivor is a Charter Member of the Optimist Club of Anguilla and is also a professional photographer who enjoys working with children.

Shanelle Hodge (Announcer)

Shanelle (DJ Sweets) began working at Radio Anguilla in September 2000, as Clerical Officer. She was asked to work on air one day when an announcer fell sick. It was then that the director discovered that she had a hidden talent. Soon after she was permanently employed as an Announcer. She obtained her associates degree in Business Management in March 2010. She is a happy go lucky person who likes to read, write, swim, dance, meet people, travel and have lots of fun.

Renford Kelsick (Announcer)

Renford “Mr. K” Kelsick has been employed at Radio Anguilla intermittently since 1982. He is now a permanent fixture on the station’s morning programming and continues to be a reliable Announcer.

Keith Greaves (Programme Manager)

Keith Stone Greaves, journalist and broadcaster with over 25 years experience in the media industry. Hails from the island of Montserrat, also known as the "Emerald Isle of the Caribbean.' Spent almost two decades at the famed Radio Antilles (Montserrat), a former 200,000 watt AM broadcast station that the covered the entire Caribbean, parts South America and the east coastline of the US. Also worked at the BBC in London as Senior Producer in the Caribbean Service. Served as correspondent for several Caribbean and International news organisations such Radio Canada International, Deustche Welle, the Caribbean News Agency(CANA), now the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC), EFE (Spanish News Agency) and The Associated Press. Presently, serves as Programme Manager.

James Connor (Announcer)

James Connor… eight years ago, James tuned in to 95.5fm and stumbled on his favourite genre, jazz being hosted by the Johnno (of johnnos Beach Stop). He got his nerve up and asked if he could sit in on the show with host Johnno; the rest is history. James is also one of the founder organizers of Anguilla's Tranquility Jazz Festival.

"I guess the show is a labor of love me" .. I get to be self indulgent and at the same time bring a little pleasure to our listeners. Join me every Thursday evening between 9pm and 11pm for a mix of bebop, Latin, Fusion and dance-floor jazz.

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