American Eagle being asked to continue flights into Anguilla
Sat 20 November, 2010

Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism Mr Haydn Hughes and officials of the Anguilla Tourist Board are continuing efforts to have American Eagle continue flights into Anguilla.

Mr Hughes along with the Director of the Anguilla Tourist Board Mrs Candis Niles and Chairman of the Anguilla Tourist Board Mr Raymond Guishard traveled to San Juan earlier this week to meet with representatives of American Eagle to discuss the possibility of the airline continuing to extend its flights to Anguilla

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There is a strong possibility but it really has to do with finances and revenue gurantees and concessions and what have you.We all the know the Government of Anguilla is not in the financial position to give revenue guarantees and if you give
revenue guarantees to one you may have to give revenue guarantees to all. So it is our hope that we can have a discussion with our industry partners, the other hotels, and see if they will be willing to pick up that slack. If they are willing to pick up that slack then revenue guarantees can be done and we can see and extension beyond the April deadline.

According to Hughes American Airlines officials reported during the meetings that they are seeing an increase in arrivals to Anguilla.

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The did confirm to us that they have seen a significant uptake in business which is good. It also says that we are doing something well. Even with the addition of the new additional day flight into Anguilla they still see an uptake and there is a significant uptake in arrivals over this period and this upcoming period as opposed to last year's Tourism Season. As you know Cape Air will be coming to Anguilla from December and they too already have 400 bookings for that period on their flight into Anguilla. Access is really not a problem, but, American Eagle has a name in the marketplace and I guess it lends to a sense of comfort.
Parliamentary Secretary Mr Haydn Hughes

American Airlines earlier in the year said they would be pulling out of a number of Caribbean islands including Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti, Nevis, Dominica Republic and Anguilla by April 2011.

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