Shara Proctor to represent England
Sat 20 November, 2010

Anguilla’s premier and highest performing athlete Ms Shara Proctor has announced she will now be representing England in International Athletics competitions.

The announcement was contained in a press release today from the Anguilla Amateur Athletic Federation which states that Proctor’s representation takes place with immediate effect.

Ms Proctor is quoted as saying “It has always been my dream to compete in the Olympics under the Anguillian flag. Unfortunately I cannot fully realise my dream since Anguilla is not an Olympic nation. Given that Anguilla is a dependent territory, negotiations were held with the English Athletics Federation and I have agreed to compete for England?.

Proctor says she is thankful to the Anguilla Amateur Athletic Federation and the English Athletic Federation for providing her with the opportunity and support to represent England at the 2010 Olympics and at the same time helping her to develop as a world class professional athlete.

Ms Proctor also says that regrettably she cannot represent Anguilla in any international competitions while competing for England.

She said it is a difficult situation not being able to represent Anguilla at this time, however in her heart she will be jumping for Anguilla and England.

President of the Anguilla Amateur Athletic Federation Mrs. Lorna D Rogers says it is a great achievement on Proctor’s part to be asked by United Kingdom Athletics to join their 2012 Olympic Team, and while she still has to go through trials for selection, given her current standing Ms Rogers fully expects Proctor to make the team.

The Anguilla Amateur Athletic Federation is publicly thanking Proctor for being the brightest star in its athletic programme over the last several years and wishes her every success as she continues her quest for Olympic glory.



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