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On April 9, 1969, Radio Anguilla began broadcasting from the Agricultural building in the Valley for the British occupation on the island who had donated the equipment.

However, the need to communicate with Anguillians eventually led to a gradual shift in the focus of Radio Anguilla which was able to refute misinformation and to begin a well-needed service to the island.

Over a period of time, the station emerged as a community radio station – seeking to inform, educate and entertain the people of the island.

The advent of more radio stations on Anguilla has driven the station to become more creative in its revenue generating measures. One way of doing this was by the introduction of sponsored programming.

The introduction of specialized programming, such as “Country Time”, “The Quiet Storm”, “The Reggae Show”, “Jazz with Johnno and James”, “El Buen Vivir/Pleasures in the Caribbean” and “What’s On Today” has forced the station to extend broadcast hours from 10pm to 11pm.

Talk shows like “Social Solutions”, “Health Matters” and “Choice Sports” as well as a comprehensive news package ensure that the listening public is kept abreast of what takes place on the island, in the region and throughout the world.

Today, with affiliations that we have made, Radio Anguilla boasts some of the most current music that is on the market.

As the Governments Department of Information and Broadcasting, there are a number of events that Radio Anguilla is obligated to broadcast. Examples of these are House of Assembly meetings, State Occasions, Parades and other live events.

To this day, Radio Anguilla has continued to provide Information, Education and Entertainment to the people of Anguilla and beyond.


Comprehensive News and Current Affairs are key elements of our daily broadcast schedule.  We provide total coverage – Local, Regional and International News, Weather and Sport.   Listen to our major newscasts Monday to Friday at 7.06 am and 7:06 pm    (Saturday 7.06 am).   So for all your news, sport, business, weather and current affairs – there’s only ONE spot – Radio Anguilla 95.5 FM.  Accuracy is our constant goal.   Always fair and balanced.

Choice Sports

If you’re a sport enthusiast then you certainly won’t want to miss CHOICE SPORTS.  This lively, interactive, fast- paced programme is on the air WEDNESDAYS from 8 to 9 pm. Follow the all the major sporting stories on the local scene, from the region and the world.

Health Matters

The desire of every human being is not only to be healthy, but to remain healthy.  To help you along the way, the Health Authority of Anguilla invites you to be part of HEALTH MATTERS – a one hour programme focusing on health related issues by local health care professionals.  HEALTH MATTERS airs on TUESDAYS from 8 to 9 PM.

The Reggae Show with DJ Ras

Calling all REGGAE music lovers and conscious brothers and sisters - join the indomitable DJ RAS for the Reggae Show – now on SATURDAYS from 2-6 PM.    For the best reggae vibes on Caribbean radio - there’s only ONE DREAD AT THE CONTROL - DJ RAS!!

The Quiet Storm

To love and to be loved - get swept away in the Quiet Storm of romance, and classical love ballads flowing through the airwaves of Radio Anguilla every TUESDAY from 9 PM with your Love Doctor, as he blows you away musically with the QUIET STORM.

Country Time with Kent Webster

Country Music fans - we haven’t forgotten you.   Join veteran country music presenter Kent Webster for the very best and latest country music hits anywhere on radio – Mondays from 9 pm

Sunday Inspiration

For most people Sunday Morning programming on radio is empty if there’s no ‘Morning Inspiration’ with Brother Bernard B. Wattley.   He plays the right music to lift the spirit and provides a potpourri of spiritual food and drink every Sunday morning from 6 to 10 am.

What’s On Today

Listen to ‘What’s On Today’ with the Anguilla Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Fridays from 11 am to 12 noon with host Calvin Bartlette and his guests. He brings you all the latest news from the local business community.

Let’s Talk

Radio Anguilla proudly presents LET’S TALK with Brinette “Bree” Richardson.   This one hour talk show - Monday to Friday 6 to 7pm - features local, regional and international personalities talking about and answering your questions.   The aim of LET’S TALK is to educate, create awareness and provide a steady flow of information to the community in an open and honest manner.

At Radio Anguilla – WE ARE LEADERS, the others merely follow.  We offer a range of professional services to the public at very competitive rates.


Blessed with an excellent blend of high quality vocal talent, we can handle all your ‘voice over’ needs.  Our sound effects library and studio is equipped to provide with the type of advert that not only makes the customer stop and listen but spend money at your business place. We cater to the BIG and the small, we offer a high quality, professional service to ALL.


Do you have a message you want to get over to the public but don’t know how?  Well, leave it to the pros.  We can take care of all your PSA’s.   Tell us what you want to get across to the public and leave the rest to us. Our rates are NOMINAL and your MESSAGE gets OUT.


For a small fee, you can book our production studio to record and produce radio/television adverts, pre-record programmes, copy syndicated broadcast material, death announcements et al.

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